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  • The Experience Begins 2018

    Colorado Springs to open new U.S. Olympic Museum in 2018!

  • Whats Ahead for the Labor Day Lift Off

  • 2016 Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack

    The OB Prestige Auto Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack returns to Colorado Springs Airport for the 3rd year, and it's bigger than ever!

  • Swimmers From Across Colorado Can Register Now For The 15th Annual Rocky Mountain State Games


    Swimmers From Across Colorado Can Register Now For The 15th Annual Rocky Mountain State Games With A June 1 Registration Deadline And A Chance To Compete In One Of America's Finest Aquatic Facilities

  • Sports Corp College Football Kickoff Luncheon Set For July 6 With Coaches From Air Force, CU, CSU, CSU-Pueblo and Northern Colorado


    Sports Corp College Football Kickoff Luncheon Set For July 6 With Coaches From Air Force, CU, CSU, CSU-Pueblo and Northern Colorado Presenting A Look Ahead At The 2016 Season

  • 2015 Colorado Springs Sports Hall of Fame

    Tuesday, October 27, at The Broadmoor World Arena

  • Bike Month Celebration and PPCHC Promo




    Celebrate Bike Month and Attend PPCHC's Community Cycling Event! 


    About: A social gathering where cyclists of all ages, from professional to beginner, can get together for some fun and a FREE bike tune-up courtesy of Bike Pro Mobile! Come out for a fun ride led by SOCO Velo then join us for a bicycle showcase and an educational session including Allen Beauchamp and other cycling experts. Experts may talk about the following issues: safety equipment, bike accessories, hydration & biking, fueling your ride, and practical uses for rider apparel. 


    Location: Fieldhouse Brewing Company

    (521 S. Tejon St. Colorado Springs, CO)
    Date: June 4, 2015
    Time: 5:00 - 7:30 pm

    5:00 - Ride Registration (no charge to participate)

    5:30 - Ride to Velodrome Begins 

    6:00 - Riders return to Fieldhouse

    6:30 - Cycling Experts Presentation & Discussion

    7:30 - Event Concludes


    FREE Bike Tune-Ups: 

    5:30 - 7:30 pm provided by Bike Pro Mobile


    Supported By: 




    The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb is a USA Cycling sanctioned road race and a timed, non-competitive cycling event that gives cyclists of all abilities a truly unique experience on Pikes Peak - America's Mountain 
    • race to the Summit (12.5 miles/20km - 4,725 ft elevation gain) 
    Standard Registration (May 1 - August 5): $25 Junior; $60 all others
    All cyclists must pre-register for this event. No day of registration will be offered. For complete registration details, click here


    GRAN FONDO RIDES (timed, non-competitive fun rides): 

    • to Halfway Picnic Grounds (2.4 miles/4km - 570 ft elevation gain)
    • to Glen Cove (6 miles/9km - 2,050 ft elevation gain)
    • to Summit (12.5 miles/20km - 4,725 ft elevation gain)
    • Relay (3 person teams): relay points at Halfway Picnic Grounds & Glen Cove
    Standard Registration (May 1 - August 5):
    • Start to Halfway Picnic Grounds: $20
    • Start to Glen Cove: $35
    • Start to Summit: $55
    • Team Relay (3 riders/team): $70/team 

    Includes tandems, elipticals, recumbents, handcycles and unicycles. All cyclists must pre-register for this event. No day of registration will be offered. For complete registration details, click here 

    More details available at


    Interactive course map, including interactive highway tour, rest area details and route images, can be accessed at


    Presented By: 

    Sanctioned & Supported By:                    An Event Of:  
    Sponsored By: 
    Bike Shop & Supporting Sponsors: 




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  • The Sports Corp College Football Kick-Off Luncheon Set for June 16

  • # 107 - Mike Moran's Commentary


    Colorado Springs Sports Hall of Fame Introduces The Brown Bombers To A New

    Generation - And The Brown Bomber Of Another Era Is Remembered



    Last week's 15th Colorado Springs Sports Hall of Fame banquet and induction ceremony on the floor of the comely Broadmoor World Arena will go down as one of the city's seminal events related to sports, though many in the audience of over 500 didn't know it at the time.

    The definitive purpose of such Halls of Fame is to celebrate the legacy, traditions, events and the people, athletes or others, who were part of the city's abundance of memorable sporting events through the years. Individuals, teams, coaches, contributors and athletes who had competed in the city, lived in the city, trained in Colorado Springs, or made a significant contribution to the sports culture of the city.

    To be honest about the issue, Colorado Springs didn't even have a Sports Hall of Fame until 2000 and means hundreds, if not thousands, of big games, great athletes and men and women who carried sports in the city on their backs were forgotten or never known about.

    But that all changed dramatically with the opening of the Broadmoor World Arena in 1998 and the hard work of a small group of individuals who felt the city needed such a product to recognize its sporting past and those to come.

    Gazette-Telegraph sports editor Ralph Routon pounded the issue regularly, and finally, over lunch in downtown Colorado Springs, Routon, Convention and Visitors Bureau chief Terry Sullivan, Sports Corp interim President Jim Lucas, Tom Falgien, Jim Warsinske and soon to be Sports Corp President and CEO Dave Ogrean hashed out the master plan for the Sports Corp to create a series of committees to build a list of nominations, as well as a budget.

    The Broadmoor World Arena was the obvious venue to stage this celebration of the city's sports past, and so, on November 9, 2000, with an audience of over 500, the Inaugural Class of the Colorado Springs Sports Hall of Fame was enshrined.

    That Class alone awakened in the minds of scores of people how big this event could be, and how much sports history needed to be exhumed and otherwise uncovered.

    That first Class included Olympic figure skating champion Peggy Fleming, CU and Los Angeles Rams football star Cullen Bryant, high school coaching legend Gib Funk, Air Force football coaching legend Ben Martin, motor sports star and Pikes Peak International Hill Climb champion Bobby Unser, the 1950 NCAA Ice Hockey Champion Colorado College Tigers, the powerful William Thayer Tutt, Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Goose Gossage and the man who would become, years later, the United States Olympic Committee's President Emeritus, Bill Hybl, who would became the most powerful force in sports in the city as the Chairman and CEO of the El Pomar Foundation.

    I've been the Master of Ceremonies for 14 of the 15 Hall of Fame Ceremonies and on the pair of committees that nominate, then select each Class of inductees, and each year I learn something about a team, a coach or an athlete that I had never heard of. It's like going to school as we review nominations from the public and institutions. And while getting schooled, I have come to realize the value of the Sports Corp's signature event and its loft place in the sports world in the city.

    Ada Gee-deProsse?, Gib Funk?, Jeff Sapp? Andrea Melde Hooks?, Anita Moss?, Sam Hairston?

    I never knew anything about these greats until we began meeting and selecting those for induction to the Hall of Fame. What amazing stories jumped from the pages of the nominations. This is precisely the reason for a Hall of Fame, our own Colorado Springs Sports Hall of Fame at that.

    Last week's ceremony is living proof that the Hall of Fame unearths magical stories and individuals from the city's past, as well as more recent stars and their stories ripe for induction.

    Like the Colorado Springs Brown Bombers baseball team of the 1940s and 1950s.

    Bill Vogrin and the remaining Brown Bombers at the Hall of Fame

    A majority of the 500 people seated at the Hall of Fame had never heard of the Brown Bombers until the estimable Gazette journalist Bill Vogrin, acting on a tip, penned a column on this amazing all-black baseball team that won city titles in 1948 and 1949, playing with dilapidated equipment, bats nailed together, and patchwork shoes.

    Tom Osborne, the Sports Corp's President and CEO, was taken with the story and nominated the team using Vogrin's first piece.

    They endured racial slurs from the stands, were forced to find substandard accommodations on road trips, treated like second-class citizens, but able to ignore all of that and set a standard in the historical struggle for racial equality in a city that had not yet embraced people or athletes of color. And this was two years after Jackie Robinson broke the major league baseball color barrier.

    The 1949 City Champion Brown Bombers

    "Job-wise, it was not very good in Colorado Springs then," Joe Morgan told Bill Vogrin for his piece.recalled.

    "Opportunities were very limited. You could shine shoes or be a custodian or a waiter or a dishwasher."

    Joe and Justus Morgan told of going to Woolworths after seeing a movie.

    "They wouldn't serve us," Joe Morgan said.

    They returned with friends the next day and demanded to be served.

    "They served us but they poured salt in our milkshakes and on our sandwiches," he said. "We refused to pay and they called the police."

    Cops tasted the food and said they wouldn't pay for it either, and the diners were free to go.

    Justus Morgan recalled being turned away from the YMCA.

    "We just wanted to participate in sports and be like any other boys," he said.

    Blacks were not welcome on little league teams and certainly not on varsity high school football or basketball teams. Typically, only one or two black athletes, if any, made those teams. Instead they were shunted off to track and field. If they wanted to play contact sports, they played on neighborhood teams, Vaughan said.

    "We didn't have uniforms or anything," he said. "If a ball went in the creek, we fished it out. We took broken bats home and nailed them together."

    We had inducted Joe Morgan of the Bombers in 2004 into the Hall of Fame and awarded Sam Dunlap the F. Don Miller Award in 2011.

    But what about this team as a whole of remarkable athletes as well as a Colorado Springs residents who not only won championships against all-white teams with a boatload of advantages.

    As a kid, living in Omaha, I heard of another Brown Bomber who may have been the role model for the baseball team from Colorado Springs. Everybody in the world knew who this Brown Bomber was, and he was a hero to millions.

    Joe Louis burst onto the professional boxing scene in 1934 with style and skill such as the boxing world has seldom seen. Known to many as the "Brown Bomber," Louis emerged victorious from his first 27 fights, all but four of which he won in knockouts. In the early days of his career, he destroyed such great heavyweight fighters as Stanley Poreda, Natie Brown, and Rosco Toles. It was here that Louis delivered to the entire world a premonition of the reign of domination that he was to begin.

    Joe Louis, The "Brown Bomber"

    Beginning in 1937, he began a 12-year reign as boxing's heavyweight champion of the world. During this stretch, Louis had victories over Lou Nova, Tony Galento, Gus Dorazio, Buddy Baer, and Johnny Paycheck. Louis' epic battle with Billy Conn at the Polo Grounds also occurred during this time. In 1942, Joe Louis began a period of service in the Army and worked as a physical education teacher. It would be four years before Louis again returned to the ring. Between 1946 and 1949, Louis flawlessly defended his title four times, including two victorious fights against 'Jersey' Joe Walcott.

    During this period, on the day of June 22, 1938, Louis once again took on the only opponent who had ever beaten him, Max Schmeling. This time around, Louis knocked Schmeling out and captured the admiration of countless Americans. Louis gained a moral victory for himself and for his country, and simultaneously struck a damaging blow to Hitler and his pretentious beliefs.

    Louis retired in 1949, the year that the Colorado Springs Brown Bombers won the fabled city title, still the undefeated heavyweight champ. Succumbing to financial pressures and government debts, Louis was forced back into the ring. In 1950, he attempted to recapture his title in a bout against Ezzard Charles. However, in a points decision, Louis was handed a loss. Not ready to accept defeat, he again tried his hand in 1951 against Rocky Marciano. During this unsuccessful return to the ring, Marciano knocked Louis through the ropes in the 8th round. This was Joe Louis' final time in the ring. He had earned $5 million in his illustrious boxing career. But at 37, Joe Louis had not a single cent to show for it. To support himself, Louis decided to make a living as a Las Vegas casino host.

    Our Brown Bombers retired and became, among vocations and accomplishment, the first black baseball coach in District 11, the first black umpire to work a state championship, a pastor at a large church, chaplain for the Colorado Springs Police Department, and another who worked for 26 years at the Fine Arts Center and served as a youth mentor.

    Five members of the Brown Bombers are with us today; Joe Morgan (88), Justus Morgan (86), Sam Dunlap (81), Rev. Jesse Vaughan (91) and Sylvester Smith (85). They received a five-minute standing ovation at our event honoring them last week.

    Joe Louis died in 1981 from a heart attack in Las Vegas, working as a "Greeter" at Caesars Palace.

    The Brown Bomber and the Brown Bombers, stories that resound now in the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the Colorado Springs Sports Hall of Fame.

    Just as it should be, even 65 years later, for the kids from Colorado Springs.


    Mike Moran was the chief spokesman for the United States Olympic Committee from 1978-2003 and Games from Lake Placid to Salt Lake City. He served as the Sports Information Director at Nebraska-Omaha and Colorado, and has lived in Colorado Springs for 34 years and is the Senior Media Consultant for the Colorado Springs Sports Corporation and keynote speaker and emcee for numerous sports   





    Mike Moran

    Senior Media Consultant

    Colorado Springs Sports Corporation

    1631 Mesa Ave., Suite E

    Colorado Springs, CO 80906

    (719) 634-7333, ext.1011   






    Colorado Springs Sports Corp Promo Reel

    Colorado Springs Sports Corp Promo Reel






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  • 105 - Mike Moran's Commentary








        Mike Moran's Sports Commentary


    Stand aside, Indianapolis, move over San Antonio, Charlotte, St. Louis, Omaha, Florida and the Research Triangle in North Carolina.

    For the next two weekends, Colorado Springs, America's Olympic City, will be proud to be called "The Amateur Sports Capital of the United States." And, we not at all shy about trumpeting that title and showing our pride.

    For the next two weekends, our city will play host to an event that embodies the mission, purpose, spirit and the heart and soul of amateur sports.

    It's the 13th Rocky Mountain State Games, the state of Colorado's largest and most inclusive sports festival. 

    Over the last dozen summers, 72,633 athletes have enjoyed the thrill of competition for medals, career bests and for just plain fun in Colorado Springs.

    The annual Rocky Mountain State Games is the magnet that has lured these thousands of athletes of all ages and skill levels to America's Olympic City to test their skills in scores of sports.

    The Rocky Mountain State Games is a multi-sport festival for athletes of all ages and athletic abilities including those with physical disabilities or visual impairment. The Games are recognized by the National Congress of State Games, a member of the United States Olympic Committee. 

    Many of the athletes bring along friends and families, which, of course, is a boost to the Colorado Springs tourism economy. Over the last six years, athletes from as many as 120 cities and towns in Colorado have made their way to Colorado Springs to take part in this unique sports gathering.

    Kids from four years old to swimmers, runners and triathletes in their 80s have won Rocky Mountain State Games medals, or just competed for the single reason that they can. That spirit is contagious and it spreads across all 41 sports offered in this year's Games. 

    10-year old triathlete Mandy Fleetwood of Parker was the national IronKids Champion in Des Moines. 76-year old Erol Linda Agnos of Colorado Springs is a pickleball doubles athlete who competed in softball, volleyball, track and field and was a four-time state badminton champion.

    20-year-old Ryan Cook was a basketball and track star at Rampart High In Colorado Springs, winning state Class 5A  high jump titles in 2010 and 2011. He enrolled at Drake and won the high jump at the 2013 Missouri Valley Conference Championships.

    The Colorado Springs Sports Corporation, which had managed these 13 Rocky Mountain State Games, dreams of seeing a record 10,000 athletes in town over the next two weekends, after a record 9,312 took part last year.

    Many will go on to notable high school and college sports achievement, while the seniors go home satisfied and pleased with their still-formidable athletics abilities.

    Though the Games officially open this Friday with 23 sports and some 3,800 athletes competing over the weekend, there's something special on tap for Friday, June 25 that impacts not only the Rocky Mountain State Games, but the city's coveted position as the home of the most powerful National Olympic Committee in the world, the United States Olympic Committee, and two dozen of the USOC National Governing Bodies of Olympic, Pan Am and Paralympic sport.

    Thousands will travel to Downtown Colorado Springs for another Olympic Downtown Celebration and the Opening Ceremony of the Rocky Mountain State Games. It's a salute unmatched by any other city to amateur sports.

    2014 Olympic figure skating bronze medalist Jason Brown will light the State Games cauldron to open the Games. He follows Olympians like Kristi Yamaguchi, Michelle Kwan, Apollo Ohno, Derek Parra, Rulon Gardner and Steve Holcomb in performing this task.

    There will be music, food, sport demonstrations, a 5K Run, appearances by Denver Bronco players alumni and mascot Miles himself.

    After Tejon Street has been cleared, people gone home to bed and the music stops, several thousand amateur athletes will sleep and many will dream of what could be that began in Colorado Springs for them. Some will appear in future Olympics, Paralympics or other major international competitions.

    Most will recall past glories and rivalries and discover the benefit of sportsmanship, fair play and good, clean competition. But for all of them, the Olympic Creed fits perfectly.

    "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well."

    And once again, Colorado Springs has shown its spirit, passion and commitment to amateur sports, and why it is the right place for the hometown of America's Olympic family.



    Mike Moran

    Senior Media Consultant

    Colorado Springs Sports Corporation

    1631 Mesa Ave., Suite E

    Colorado Springs, CO 80906

    (719) 634-7333, ext.1011   





    Colorado Springs Sports Corp Promo Reel

    Colorado Springs Sports Corp Promo Reel

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    2014 Sports Corp Calendar of Events

    (Click links below for additional details and ticket information.)  

    Rocky Mountain State Games - July 18-20 & 25-27

    Olympic Downtown Celebration/RMSG Opening Ceremonies - July 25

    USA Pro Challenge - Stage 4 - August 21

    The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb - August 24

    Pikes Peak Downhill Skateboard Invitational - September 6-7

    Hockey Face-off Luncheon - September 30

    Colorado Springs Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony - October 28



  • Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack is Back this June

    Revvolution and Shift-S3ctor announce the return of the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack at the Colorado Springs Airport...Read More

  • 2015 Downtown Celebration July 18!



  • 2015 Color in Motion 5K


    Volunteer color throwers needed!

  • Romain Dumas Will Return To The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb With A Goal Of Victory And Perhaps A New Record

    Romain Dumas Will Return To The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb With A Goal Of Victory And Perhaps A New Record

    Colorado Springs, April 2----------The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb will welcome back one of auto racing’s stars on June 29 when French driver Romain Dumas comes to Colorado Springs for the third year in a row. He will be entered in the talent-rich Unlimited Division.

    Dumas, winner of the 2010 24 Hours of Le Mans classic, was named Rookie of the Year in 2012 on Pikes Peak when he captured the Pikes Peak Open with a blazing clocking of 9:46.181, driving a Porsche GT3R in his debut on America’s Mountain in the first edition of the race on a fully-paved course.

    His 2012 time now ranks sixth on the all-time list of winners on the Peak, which kicked off in 1916 and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2016. Japan’s Nobuhiro Tajima was the first driver to crack the elusive ten-minute mark that had stood for decades when he won the Unlimited Division for the sixth straight time with the record 9:51.278.

    He was denied another triumph in 2013 when he dropped out because of a mechanical failure.

    The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb All-Time Bests

    8:13.878   Sebastien Loeb- 2013 Unlimited Division

    9:02.192   Rhys Millen- 2013 Unlimited Division

    9:42.740   Jean-Philippe Dayraut – 2013 Unlimited Division

    9:46.001   Paul Dallenbach – 2013 Time Attack Division

    9:46.164   Rhys Millen – 2012 Time Attack Division

    9:46.181   Romain Dumas – 2012 Pikes Peak Open Division

    9:46.530   Nobuhiro Tajima – 2013 Electric Division 

    9:46.634   Mark Rennison – 2013 Unlimited Division

    9:51.278   Nobuhiro Tajima – 2011 Unlimited Division

    9:52.819   Carlin Dunne -   2012 Motorcycle 1205 Division

    9:53.581   David Donner – 2013 Time Attack Division

    9:57.513   Spencer Steele – 2013 Unlimited Division

    9:58.262   Greg Tracy – 2012 Motorcycle 1205 Division

    Dumas will be behind the wheel of a Norma M20 with Honda Power completed by the RD Limited for the 92nd running of the Race to the Clouds this summer. The development of the auto prototype began this year with the goal of a new record, just as Loeb’s team did last year in the production of the 2013 Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak model that powered the French ace to the all-time record as he became the first competitor to finish the 142-mile course with a time under nine minutes.

    "From the very first laps I did last year, I said the Norma chassis was competitive and that I enjoy how the car handles. At the time I was convinced that this car is well suited to the unique demands of Pikes Peak, and I still am." explains Dumas. "Last year, we lacked time and reliability. Nonetheless, we still gathered a lot of information during the week of practice on the mountain and we made the most of that participation. The conclusions are simple, we’ve established a plan for preparing the car and we decided to develop the engine. We’ve opted to make changes while keeping things the same as the engine will be the turbo Honda. It’s the logical choice which keeps us from having to start from a blank sheet of paper compared to 2013. The car will be fitted with Michelin tires and we’ve worked hard with PKM Consulting regarding the handling."

    The road to Pikes Peak from Europe and the summit of the 14,100-foot summit is still a long one, but the adventure has already started for the Romain Dumas Rallye Team, taking delivery of the Norma chassis in its Alès, France workshops a few weeks ago. On the menu, mechanical evolutions and installation of the turbo engine, which is the same type as the one he drove in the 2013 edition, ahead of a testing program in Cévennes.

    "I’m the type of person who likes to move forward, and despite the disappointment of last year, I’m determined to add Pikes Peak to my resumé!" admits Dumas. "I’ve always known that you have to approach this event with humility and that’s my top feeling as we tackle this challenge for 2014. But I also don’t want to hide my ambitions. I think we have the pieces to put together a shining effort. Pikes Peak is a dream you want to realize.

    The entire team wants this and we will be putting #MakeYourDreamComeTrue on the car this year. It sums up the passion the team has for this event and the human adventure that we are experiencing. Our story at Pikes Peak is a good one, and one that we have yet to finish. We want to write the best chapter yet !"

    Dumas and his Romain Dumas Rally Team will unveil more details on the Norma RD Limited in the following weeks, but the major announcement of his entry for 2014 promises high drama and excitement for the nation’s second-oldest motor sports race behind the fabled Indy 500 and the world’s most famous Hill Climb.

    Tickets are available online now at along with a wealth of information on the event itself, from the history of the race to all-time winners and records.

    The popular Fan Fest will take place on Friday, June 27, in downtown Colorado Springs, a gale event that includes top music, food and drinks, special exhibitions and a chance to meet the drivers and racers with the top qualifying times during Race Week and see their autos and motorcycles.

  • Color in Motion 5K Run - Friday, July 26 - Downtown Colorado Springs




    The Color In Motion 5K Run Is Coming To Colorado Springs On Friday Night, July 26

    Everybody in Colorado Springs Is Invited To Sign Up And Have A Blast!


    Colorado Springs, May 29---------The Colorado Springs Sports Corp is offering the public a chance to be part of the famous Color In Motion 5K Run on the evening of Friday, July 26, the same evening as the Opening Ceremony of the Rocky Mountain State Games at America The Beautiful Park and the second Olympic Downtown Celebration.

    The race in Colorado Springs is one of 17 Color In Motion races taking place across the nation in cities including Chicago, San Diego, Washington, Dallas, Albuquerque and Phoenix this year.

    Colorado Springs registration is now open at

    Individual event registration is $50.00 and there is a special discount for teams of three runners.

    A special additional discount in available to Sports Corp entries and friends, using the special promo code SPORTSCORP50 when signing up for this colorful and entertaining run! The offer is good until Saturday, June 8, so don’t wait.

    The Color In Motion 5K is just that, with runner’s moving body plastered in an explosion of vibrant color with all your friends! How many times have you paid money to run around a few city blocks, drink a cup of warm Gatorade, eat a banana, and be given a t-shirt that you will probably only wear once every two months while doing yard work? Why not color outside the lines while being active, social, and a little wacky!

    The Color in Motion 5k will help you get off the couch and away from those potato chips, work towards your lofty personal fitness goals, give you something super cool to do with your friends, and allow you to post Facebook photos sure to provoke comments and jealousy from people you don't even know.

    The Color in Motion 5k gives you all these benefits plus unforgettable fun and heaps of memories! By the end of the CIM5k your blank canvas will be brighter than ever--your clothes, health, and outlook on life will be changed for the better!

    Runners just show up wearing white and we do the rest! As you sprint, jog, waddle, or leisurely stroll along you will be bombarded with bright colors that transform a group of ordinary runners into a moving rainbow. The color that you will be showered in is completely safe and washes off easily. If you don't think you can beat your friends with speed, see if you can be the real winner by coming out of the race covered head to toe in a vibrant springtime camouflage.

    Fairy dust, pixie powder, rainbow drops, star sprinklings...whatever you want to call it, we're not sure where this stuff originated but we do know it has the power to incite riots of fun and carefree good times wherever it's being thrown. No, but seriously, the color powder is basically a mixture of cornstarch and dye that is 100% safe and biodegradable. You probably don't want to eat it, but it won't hurt you if that's your thing.

    The race will take place at 5:30 p.m. on July 26, starting in front of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum on Cascade and concluding the Antlers Park, just west of the downtown Antlers Hilton Hotel.

    All Rocky Mountain State Games athletes will be offered the chance, along with the public, to take part in the race, which is separate from the State Games 5K Run/Walk, which also takes place on the same evening at 5:00 at America The Beautiful Park.

    For more information, contact us at 719.634.7333 (x1000) or email .   

    Visit Us At:

  • Dog Sled


    February 7 - 9
    Schedule of Events

    Friday, Feb 7th, 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. – Acacia Park, Colorado Springs, CO

    Dog Sled Race
    Saturday, Feb 8th, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. – Hayden Divide Community Park, Divide, CO

                    2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Community Social

    Sunday, Feb 9th, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. – Hayden Divide Community Park, Divide, CO

                    2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Community Social


    Volunteer Here!!


  • 2014 Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb set for August 24th

    The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb set for August 24th

    5th annual event will to be held at conclusion of “ Cycling  Week”

    activities in Colorado Springs

    Pat McDonough
    Event Director
    Summit Cycling Productions,llc
    (719) 466-9109 
    Colorado Springs, December 3 ------The event directors of the Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb recently reached out to past participants asking for their preference in determining the date for the 2014 version of the event.  After receiving more than 200 votes, August 24 was chosen by more than a 2 to 1 margin. 
    The Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb is the ultimate test for cyclists as the participants compete on the same 20km course that the automobiles and motorcycles use in the The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb every summer. 
    In addition to the USA Cycling sanctioned races, there will once again be a Fun Ride open to all citizen cyclists (Fun Ride participants will have three distance options this year – 5km, 10km or the full 20km).   The Pikes Peak Highway is closed to automobile traffic during the event and there will be fully supported rest stops to assist cyclists in their quest to reach the summit.
    The event will be part of the 2014 Rocky Mountain State Games menu of sports event for Colorado athletes of all ages and skill levels.
    On-Line registration will open late January at
    Event:                           The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb
    Date:                                   Sunday, August 24th
                                               6:00am Fun Ride Start
                                               7:00am USA Cycling Races Start
    Distance:                             20km – USA Cycling Races
                                               20km – Fun Ride
                                               10km – Fun Ride
                                               5km – Fun Ride
    Elevation:                            Start - 9,390 ft.         
                                               5km Finish – 9,960 ft. 
                                               10km Finish – 11,440 ft. 
                                               20km Finish – 14,110 ft
    Grade:    Maximum grade – 10.5%
    Course Records:               Men:               LeRoy Popowski      Col Springs   1:08:36.8
                                            Women:          Katie Compton        Col Springs   1:30.46.1
    Colorado Springs Cycling Week will take place from August 18 to the 24th.  Festivities will include a number of cycling events highlighted by the USA Pro Challenge - Stage 4 taking place in and around the City of Colorado Springs on Thursday, August 21.


  • 2014 USA Pro Challenge is Back in Colorado Springs for Stage 4

    Colorado Springs, November 4-------Pop the corks and spread the good news!
    Colorado Springs is back in the 2014 USA Pro Challenge once again, and the world’s top cyclists will be in the city for the famed event’s stage 4 Circuit Race on Thursday, August 21, with the exact route to be announced in the future.
    Colorado Springs hosted the first stage, the prologue of the inaugural event in 2011, and again in 2012, State 5 from Breckenridge to downtown Colorado Springs, but the city was not included in last summer’s edition of the elite international race.
    The Local Organizing Committee leadership for the Colorado Springs Stage 4 race is composed of Co-Chairs Peter Scoville (Cushman & Wakefield), Chris Carmichael (Carmichael Training Systems) and Meredith Vaughan (Vladimir Jones), along with Sports Corp President & CEO Tom Osborne and Chris Jenkins (Nor’Wood Development Group)
    After receiving interest from cities throughout the state, race officials have unveiled eight of the host cities that will serve as starts and finishes for the 2014 USA Pro Challenge, August 18-24. Several new additions will mark a pinnacle year for the professional cycling race, including the first-ever mountaintop finish during Stage 3 on Monarch Mountain. And with stages one through six in the books, organizers are looking to fans to provide feedback on four different options for the final stage.
    “The host cities selected for the 2014 USA Pro Challenge will really highlight the majestic beauty of Colorado to our worldwide audience,” said Rick Schaden, owner of the USA Pro Challenge. “These cities are valued partners who help us continue to raise the bar for professional cycling in America.”
    After overwhelming support in 2013, the race is heading back to Aspen for the overall start of the 2014 edition, where elite professional cyclists from around the world will be put to the ultimate test in America’s most difficult cycling race. The host cities and stages of the 2014 USA Pro Challenge include:
    Stage 1: Monday, Aug. 18 – Aspen Circuit Race
    Stage 2: Tuesday, Aug. 19 – Aspen to Mt. Crested Butte
    Stage 3: Wednesday, Aug. 20 – Gunnison to Monarch Mountain (mountaintop finish)
    Stage 4: Thursday, Aug. 21 – Colorado Springs Circuit Race
    Stage 5: Friday, Aug. 22 – Woodland Park to Breckenridge
    Stage 6: Saturday, Aug. 23 – Vail Individual Time Trial
    Stage 7: Sunday, Aug. 24 – Boulder to Denver
    Denver Circuit Race similar to the final stage of the 2013 race
    Start in Golden (2012 Stage 6 start city) and finish in Denver
    Start in Boulder (2012 Stage 6 finish city) and finish in Denver
    Start in Boulder and end in Golden
    “We receive a lot of feedback from fans about the race and in particular the route, so, for the first time ever, we’re having fans weigh in on the final stage,” said Shawn Hunter, CEO of the USA Pro Challenge. “We’re excited to hear from our passionate fans. The 2014 edition is going to be bigger and better than ever.”
    As new additions to the race, Monarch Mountain and Woodland Park, offer breathtaking scenery that will add to the overall impact of the race. Stage 5 start city Woodland Park, the “City Above the Clouds,” is renowned for its natural beauty and proximity to great outdoor adventures. Home to one of the sprint competitions during Stage 5 of the 2012 USA Pro Challenge, the city sits at an elevation of 8,465 ft. and is surrounded by national forest.  Additionally, Stage 3 will include the race’s first-ever mountaintop finish, presenting the riders with a brand new challenge. One of Colorado’s oldest ski areas, Monarch Mountain’s base elevation of 10,790 makes it the highest in North America.
    “I have been lobbying for the USA Pro Challenge to add a mountaintop finish to the race ever since the first edition, so I was thrilled to hear Stage 3 of the 2014 race will finish on Monarch Mountain,” said Tom Danielson of Team Garmin-Sharp. “Colorado has some of the most beautiful mountains in the world and the USA Pro Challenge draws some of the best riders in the world, so it makes perfect sense to add in a challenging mountaintop finish. I have ridden Monarch many times, so I’ll be ready when the race rolls around in August.”
    Known for lung-searing altitudes and intense climbs through the Colorado Rockies, the race is the largest spectator event in the history of the state. The 2013 USA Pro Challenge saw part-time Aspen resident Tejay van Garderen of BMC Racing Team take the overall win this past August in Denver, after assuming the overall lead in Beaver Creek at the end of Stage 4.
    "The USA Pro Challenge is something that motivates me from the start of the year,” said van Garderen. “It takes place in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and that happens to be in my backyard. I'm looking forward to defending my title on another challenging course."
    Additional details regarding the start and finish locations of the 2014 race, as well as the specific, detailed route will be announced in the spring.
    About the USA Pro Challenge
    Referred to as “America’s Race,” the USA Pro Challenge will take place August 18-24, 2014. For seven consecutive days, the world’s top athletes race through the majestic Colorado Rockies, reaching higher altitudes than they’ve ever had to endure. One of the largest cycling events in U.S. history and the largest spectator event in the history of the state, the USA Pro Challenge is back for 2014. Featuring a challenging course, the fourth annual race will spotlight the best of the best in professional cycling and some of America’s most beautiful scenery.
    About Rick Schaden
    The owner and founder of USA Pro Challenge, Rick Schaden, is deeply involved in Denver’s restaurant scene as well as in the development of several major U.S. restaurant chains. Rick Schaden has invested in Denver gastropub Tom’s Urban 24, as well as the new fresh pizza restaurant chain Live Basil Pizza and the popular and rapidly expanding custom burger franchise Smashburger. A dedicated philanthropist, Schaden received the 2008 Stewart B. McKinney Award for his advocacy on behalf of homeless families and individuals. He currently supports Millennium Promise, a nonprofit that works to eliminate poverty, hunger and preventable diseases in underserved communities around the world, and the Denver-based nonprofit America’s Road Home, whose mission is to bring an end to family homelessness both locally and nationally.
    More information can be found online at and on Twitter at @USAProChallenge. # # #


  • 2016 Labor Day Lift Off Site Map

  • Colorado Amateur Athletes Wanted for 2013 Rocky Mountain State Games

             Presented By:  


    Colorado Amateur Athletes Wanted For The 2013 Rocky Mountain State Games In Colorado Springs, July 19-21 and July 26-28

    Colorado Springs, June 14---------The invitations are open and we want you!

    Colorado amateur athletes of every age, skill level and a passion for sports can choose from among 36 sports offered in the Rocky Mountain State Games, presented by AT&T, in Colorado Springs over the last two weekends in July.

    To get all the details on the sports available and to register to compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the state’s largest sports festival, go to:

    Like the Rocky Mountain State Games on Facebook:

    The Rocky Mountain State Games is Colorado’s multi-sport gala, with competition for thousands of Colorado athletes of all ages and athletic abilities including physically disabled, visually impaired and Paralympic athletes. Recognized by the National Congress of State Games, a member of the United States Olympic Committee, the 2013 Rocky Mountain State Games will be held July 19-21 & 26-28, in Colorado Springs. 

    The Rocky Mountain State Games will feature an Opening Celebration, on Friday, July 26, in Downtown Colorado Springs.  This celebration will kick off Rocky Mountain State Games weekend with an athlete gathering, in a fun, festival type atmosphere!  

    The Parade of Athletes will parade from Antler's Park to downtown Colorado Springs and join the Downtown Celebration.   This celebration is a city wide event that will feature live entertainment and a beer garden, beach volleyball demonstrations, the RMSG 5K Finish Line, interactive booths hosted by local NGB's and food!  Come join in the celebration! Please check back for more information closer to the event. 

    Friday, July 26 – Opening Celebration (5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.)
    5:00 p.m. – Olympic Downtown Celebration begins Downtown Colorado Springs

    6:00 p.m. – Athletes gather for the Parade of Athletes at Antler's Park (will parade into downtown Colorado Springs, with CSPD Escorts)
    6:30 p.m. – Parade of Athletes from Antler's Park to the corner of Pikes Peak Ave. and & Tejon St. to join the Olympic Downtown Celebration

    8:00 p.m. -- Live concert

    New sports added for the 2013 Games include Arm Wrestling, Disc Golf, Dog Agility, Pickleball, Orienteering, Skateboarding and Ultimate Frisbee.

    And, for the first time in State Games history, State Games Cycling athletes will now get the chance to climb to the summit of Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain, on Sunday, July 21, during the first of two weekends of the event this year. The competition will begin at 6:00 a.m.

    The Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb, presented by The Broadmoor, is a challenge cycling event for all comers!  It includes a USA Cycling sanctioned bicycle race and an open Fun ride that ascends to the summit of Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain, on the same fully-paved course used by the drivers and racers in the June 30 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb!

    Last summer, 7,035 athletes from over 120 Colorado cities and towns competed in the Games.

    A participant must be a resident of the State of Colorado for at least 30 days prior to the first day of the competition they wish to enter.  In addition, students who are enrolled in a Colorado college or university are eligible, as are U.S. military personnel and their family members who are stationed in Colorado.  The Rocky Mountain State Games have been organized in accordance with NCAA guidelines with some exceptions. 

    The NCAA ( allows Division I, II and III athletes to participate in all sports in "officially recognized" state games.  The Rocky Mountain State Games are officially recognized because we are a full member of the National Congress of State Games.  Athletes who have eligibility questions should check with their school athletic administrator or coach. Any athlete with scholastic or collegiate eligibility remaining must comply with rules governing his or her scholastic or collegiate eligibility.

    Organized and managed by the Colorado Springs Sports Corporation, the 2013 RMSG will offer competition in 36 sports. Competition will take place along the Front Range with venues including: U.S. Olympic Training Center, Memorial Park, Fort Carson, Colorado College and other venues in and around Colorado Springs.  



  • Blind Athletes from 17 Countries Compete in Colorado Springs


    Blind Athletes from 17 Countries Compete in Colorado Springs

    USABA hosts the IBSA World Youth Championships and Pan Am Games



    Colorado Springs, Colo. (July 8, 2013) The United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) is hosting two events at Colorado College; The 2013 International Blind Sports Association (IBSA) World Youth Championships and the 2013 IBSA Pan American Games, July 11-14.


    More than 250 blind and visually impaired athletes from 17 different nations are gearing up to compete in judo and goalball (a team sport designed specifically for blind and visually impaired athletes). The World Youth Championships feature some of the world’s top up and coming athletic talent, many of whom aspire to be Paralympians. The Pan American Games will feature many Paralympic athletes including the Women’s and Men’s National Goalball Teams and the National Judo Team. The Pan American Games will serve as a qualifying tournament in goalball for the 2014 World Goalball Championships to be held in Finland. All qualifying teams move on to participate in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games.


    “This event is an outstanding opportunity to showcase some of the best blind and visually impaired athletes in the world, and we are proud to host this event for the 5th time in Colorado Springs,” said Mark Lucas, USABA Executive Director.


    The festivities will kick-off with an Olympic style parade of nations at Armstrong Hall on the Colorado College Campus on July 10 at 7:00pm. This event is free and open to the public.


    Goalball will take place at Colorado College’s El Pomar Gymnasium; July 11-14 from 9:00am-9:00pm. The Goalball medal matches will be held July 14 from 9:00am-5:00pm.


    Judo will take place at St. Mary’s High School gymnasium July 13 from 10:00am-3:00pm.


    The countries attending are: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chinese Taipei, Columbia, Cuba, Germany, Japan, Mongolia, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, Turkey, United States, and



    The Competition is free to the public. If interested in volunteering, contact Steve Rauch at 332-5351.  


    About United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA)
    Since its founding in 1976, USABA, a community-based organization of the United States Olympic Committee, has reached more than 100,000 blind individuals. The organization has emerged as more than just a world-class trainer of blind athletes, it has become a champion of the abilities of Americans who are legally blind. USABA's mission: to enhance the lives of blind and visually impaired people by providing the opportunity for participation in sports and physical activity. For more information go to



  • Sports Corp Adds Aubrey McCoy and Jeff Mosher to Management Team

    Sports Corp Adds Aubrey McCoy And Jeff Mosher To Its Management Team
    Colorado Springs, August 26---------The Colorado Springs Sports Corporation has appointed Aubrey McCoy and Jeff Mosher to a pair of new positions within the organization.
    Sports Corp President and CEO Tom Osborne has named McCoy as Event Coordinator and Mosher as Special Projects Manager for the organization.
     Aubrey McCoy
    McCoy is a graduate of the University of Wyoming with a degree in Marketing, and has served as a Fellow at the El Pomar Foundation. She has worked at the Sports Corp since 2011 in a variety of roles related to the Rocky Mountain State Games, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the Colorado Springs Sports Hall of Fame and other major events in a special events role, as well as volunteer coordinator for Sports Corp events in the areas of recruiting, scheduling and training.
    She has helped to coordinate the Sports Corp’s relationship with the United States Olympic Committee and the Colorado Springs-based USOC National Governing Bodies.
    Her major areas of responsibility with the Sports Corp will include the Rocky Mountain State Games, the Sports Hall of Fame, sports luncheons and media VIK placement and scheduling for the organization’s events.
     Jeff Mosher
    Mosher, a graduate of Central Michigan University with a degree in Education, obtained a Master’s Degree from the University of Northern Colorado in Sport and Exercise Sciences with an emphasis on Sports Administration.
     He has worked in Colorado Springs in recent years in roles with USA Wrestling, USA Volleyball, the U.S. Bobsled and Skeleton Federation and the U.S. Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.
    Mosher has also served as a Sport Commissioner for the Rocky Mountain State Games, and also the State Games of the West, and the State Games of America when they were conducted in Colorado Springs.
    “We are fortunate to be able to add Aubrey and Jeff to our staff,” said Osborne. “They each bring a tremendous amount of event management experience and planning to our major areas, and that is a major area of importance to the Sports Corp.” 
  • Slow Pitch Softball (2)


        Presented By    



     Bob Lantzy, (719) 660-5290 (cell) or (719) 591-1048 (office), 

     Commissioner since 2008


    Competition Site: Skyview Adult Sports Complex, 2890 Resnick Way, Colorado Springs, (719) 385-5981
     Click here for maps & directions

    Competition Dates: Saturday, July 26 - Sunday, July 27

    Participant Entry Fees and Deadlines:
    Registration Deadline (July 21); Fee: $285 per team*


    *Referral Rebate - For every team you refer that registers for the RMSG softball tournament your team will receive a $50 rebate.  Simply ask them to list your team name during the registration process and you will receive your rebate(s) no later than August 30th.  Teams may list only one referring team per registration.



    Women's Recreational (2 homeruns allowed)
    Competitive Coed (1 female & 1 male homerun allowed)
    Men's Recreational & Men's E (2 homeruns allowed)
    Men's Competitive D (3 homeruns allowed)
    Men's Military Intramural (1 homerun allowed)

    Note: Men's Recreational is for teams that play primarily in recreational leagues.  Men's Military Intramural division is a new division designed for intramural level teams only.  Members of a military intramural team must be assigned to that respective organization.  Rocky Mountain State Games reserves the right to cancel, combine or re-assign teams to divisions. Teams who register for the wrong division may be re-assigned or disqualified at the discretion of the Commissioner to ensure quality tournament play.  For the sake of quality competition, Men's Recreation and Men's Competitive divisions will not be combined. A male player can play on one men's team only. 

    General Guidelines: Each individual player will be registered by his/her coach and must sign the roster/waiver; if under 18 a guardian must sign the roster/waiver. Team coaches must complete a team entry form with roster/waiver signed by each player.  The signed roster must be submitted to the RMSG offices no later than Friday, July 11th.  Rosters completed after July 11th must be turned in on-site to the commissioner prior to the first game.

    Competition Format: USSSA rules ( will govern this competition. Teams will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 games, weather permitting. Competition format will either be pool play or tournament play depending on the number of teams registered in each division. 

    Dress Code: Steel cleats will not be permitted in any division; no exceptions.

    *The RMSG has a NO REFUND policy. Click Here for details on eligibility, inclement weather, refunds, etc. 

    Competition Schedule (Brackets will be available Wednesday, July 23)

    Friday, July 25 – Opening Celebration
    5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
    Downtown Colorado Springs
    Free and open to the public

    Saturday, July 26                             
    8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. - Competition                       

    Sunday, July 27
    9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. - Competition

  • Sports Corp Golf Tournament on Course for May 20 at Country Club of Colorado


    Register your foursome today! 

  • 2016 Sports Corp Golf Tournament


    2016 Sports Corp Golf Tournament




    Wednesday, May 25



    Limited spots remain for the 2016 Sports Corp Golf Tournament - Register Now! 


    The event will take place Wednesday, May 25 at the Country Club of Colorado at Cheyenne Mountain Resort(125 Clubhouse Drive, Colorado Springs,)


    Participants may enter as a foursome ($1,000) or per player ($250)


    Attire- Country Club attire is required.


    Schedule of Events

    7:00 am - Registration and Light Breakfast
    8:00 am - Shotgun Start
    12:00 pm - Luncheon & Awards Presentation  





    For more information or to register your foursome today, contact 
    or call 719-634-7333 ext. 1003.


    Click here to download the registration form for this event.



    Presented By



    Special Thanks To




  • Colorado Springs Sports Hall Of Fame Class of 2013

  • Mini Torch Run - RMSG Cauldron Lighting & All-Star Concert Lineup Features of Olympic Downtown Celebration

    Olympic Downtown Celebration On Friday Night Includes Mini Torch Run To Light Rocky Mountain State Games Flame and All-Star Concert Lineup  
    Record 7,737 Athletes Registered For The Games
    Colorado Springs, July 24----------Last summer, when between 15,000-20,000 fans gathered in downtown Colorado Springs for the first Olympic Downtown Celebration as the Olympic Games in London opened, the lighting of the Rocky Mountain State Games Flame by 1992 Olympic Figure Skating gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi and her husband, Olympic ice hockey star Bret Hedican was one of the highlights of the evening.
    On Friday night, the event will be repeated as part of the gala festivities downtown when 2012 United States National figure skating pairs champions and 2014 Olympic medal hopefuls Caydee Denney and John Coughlin will light the torch to salute the 2013 Rocky Mountain State Games as part of the Olympic Downtown Celebrationduring the evening of special entertainment and excitement.
    Note: As of this morning 7,737 athletes have registered for the Rocky Mountain State Games. That is a new Rocky Mountain State Games record, eclipsing the old record of 7,103 established in 2012. Still remaining will be day-of-event registration in several sports, and it could push the total to past 8,000 athletes.
    The Rocky Mountain State Games torch-lighting ceremony will include a mini torch run that features a number of Colorado Springs residents, celebrities, sponsors, and firefighters and first responders who were on the front lines of last summer’s Waldo Canyon fire and the recent Black Forest wildfire that touched countless lives and destroyed hundreds of homes.
    Several former Bronco greats will lead the parade of Rocky Mountain State Games athletes and Color in Motion 5K runners which takes place before the torch run, including Billy Thompson, Randy Gradishar, Ron Egloff, Larry Brunson, Wade Manning and Bronco Cheerleaders.
    The Torch Run will kick off at 6:30 p.m. when the torch arrives at Antlers Park, carried by Miles, the Official Mascot of the Denver Broncos of the NFL.
    Miles will then hand off the torch to the VIP runners, each carrying the flame about 50 meters to the stage at the intersection of Tejon Street and Colorado Avenue.
    The official torch runners, in order:
    Billy Thompson, former 13-year Bronco who was a three-time All-Pro selection and inducted into the Broncos Ring of Fame in 1987
    Jeff Greene, El Paso County Administrator
    Joe Hight, Editor of The Gazette
    Kevin Olson, King Soopers Regional Manager
    David Sered, Comcast Director of Government Affairs
    Brianna Goodwin, City of Colorado Springs Event Coordinator
    Doug Price, Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau President/CEO
    Tosha Carper, AT&T Area Regional Store Manager
    Dave Palenchar, Chairman of The Sports Corp and El Pomar COO
    Rob Quirk, KOAA5 news anchor
    A lineup of firefighters and first responders from the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires and assisted in the successful 91st Pikes Peak International Hill Climb   
    Terry Maketa, El Paso County Sheriff
    Sheriff Maketa will hand over the torch to Denney and Coughlin, who will light the Rocky Mountain State Games flame at approximately 7:15.
    It’s all free of charge for everyone and again salutes the Olympic Family in Colorado Springs, America’s Olympic City, headed by the United States Olympic Committee, US Paralympics, more than two dozen USOC National Governing Bodies, and the city where thousands of athletes have trained since 1977, chasing their Olympic or Paralympic Dreams.
    In addition to a full program of sport demonstrations, live music concerts, athlete autograph sessions, food and beverage vendors and more, beginning at 5:00 P.M., there is going to be a unique feature made possible by the contributions of local businesses and individuals.
    It’s a real Olympic-sized sand beach volleyball pit, 46x72 feet, with several teams playing demonstration matches to spotlight a sport that has become tremendously popular in the Olympic Games since it was introduced in 1992 at the Games in Barcelona.
    Tournament play demonstrations on the sand court, hosted by Sand Pits Volleyball at BooDad’s Beach House Grill, will take place starting at 5:00 and continue until late.
    ·         5:00 – 7:00 Tournament finals
    ·         7:30 – 9:00 Ranked women’s competition “Queen of the Court”
    ·         9:00 – 11:30 Tournament finals
    ·         11:30 – 1:00 Challenge competition
    ·         Community giveaway contest throughout the evening.
    The Olympic Downtown Celebration, sponsored by the U.S. Olympic Committee, AT&T, El Pomar Foundation, the Daniels Fund, the City of Colorado Springs, KOAA5, The Gazette, Colorado Springs Utilities and The Sports Corp, will feature a little bit of everything for everybody, especially kids and entire families:
    ·         A real sand beach volleyball pit and tournament
    ·         The Flying Aces ski aerialists
    ·         USA Taekwondo board breaking demonstrations
    ·         USA Tennis sport court
    ·         USA Table Tennis demonstrations
    ·         National Guard obstacle course
    ·         Gravity Play inflatable slide and trampoline with bungee chords
    ·         The Maximum Velocity BMX Riders
    ·         Sports information booths
    ·         Athlete autograph sessions
    ·         Food/beverage vendors
    ·         Firefighter and First Responder recognition events
    ·         4:30-Midnight live band concerts! Courtesy of downtown business owners Sam and Kathy Guadagnoli, the concerts will include singer Lauren Alaina from American Idol, Jon Pardi, Dakota Bradley, all with a Nashville music theme that everyone will enjoy. 
    At that point Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach will declare the 2013 Rocky Mountain State Games are officially open.
     Lauren Alaina
    The concert stage schedule: (Tejon Street Just South of Kiowa)
    4:30-5:30 Wrestling with Jimmy
    6-7 Air force Band: Wild Blue Country
    7-8 KOAA kick off of event
    8-9 Dakota Bradley (18-year-old Nashville newcomer)
    9:30-10:30 Lauren Alaina (Season 10 American Idol runner-up)
    11-12 Jon Pardi (country music singer/songwriter with Capitol Records Nashville)
    The Rocky Mountain State Games, presented by AT&T, resume Friday and kick off the biggest schedule of the 36 sports featured in this year’s 12th annual Games.