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  • Colorado Springs Sports Hall Of Fame Class of 2013

  • Color Chooser

    The popular return of the color chooser in SolarSentinel makes a third appearance, in a more conservative and complimentary format. There are several options to choose from to supplement the elegance and ease of use with the template. Simply go to the template manager to change a variety of styles and colours.

    Color Chooser

    The options are as follows, and the areas that they control are indicative in their name:-
    • Header Style
    • Body Style
    • Background Style
    • Footer Style
    • Primary Colour

    Creating your own presets

    With SolarSentinel, we provide a series of preset configurations for the color chooser which you and your visitors can select from. However, if you wish to set or change these yourself, the process is extremely simple.

    1. Login into the Joomla Administrator
    2. Go to Extensions > Template Manager > rt_solarsentinel
    3. Set Preset Styles to Custom
    4. Now, choose all the options you wish from the several options available
    5. Hit the Custom Styles button in the Button menu, located in the upper right of the template manager
    6. This will output all the values into the Custom Style Output box, situated below the options. Copy the outputted code from this box
    7. Open the file styles.php which is located within the /templates/rt_solarsentinel/ directory
    8. Locate the following code block.
      $stylesList = array(
      	'style1'  => array('black', 'white', 'bg-red', 'black', "#cf0404"),
      	'style2'  => array('blue', 'beige', 'bg-black', 'grey', "#2986d0"),
      	'style3'  => array('grey', 'white', 'bg-blue', 'blue', "#035b99"),
      	'style4'  => array('orange', 'beige', 'bg-grey', 'orange', "#de510b"),
      	'style5'  => array('red', 'white', 'bg-red', 'blue', "#cf230b"),
      	'style6'  => array('green', 'beige', 'bg-white', 'blue', "#4e7805"),
      	'style7'  => array('blue', 'white', 'bg-grey', 'black', "#0269b3"),
      	'style8'  => array('orange', 'beige', 'bg-black', 'black', "#de510b"),
      	'style9'  => array('black', 'white', 'bg-white', 'red', "#cc0000"),
      	'style10' => array('red', 'beige', 'bg-grey', 'grey', "#cc0000")
    9. Edit that block to meet your needs, either by remove the code between $stylesList = array( and ); and copying in the code directly, or adding the new style code to the list of current styles or whatever method you prefer.
      Ensure that you only edit the code in between $stylesList = array( and ); and ensure it is the right format otherwise you will receive errors
    10. Save, and upload the file to your site.
  • Mini Torch Run - RMSG Cauldron Lighting & All-Star Concert Lineup Features of Olympic Downtown Celebration

    Olympic Downtown Celebration On Friday Night Includes Mini Torch Run To Light Rocky Mountain State Games Flame and All-Star Concert Lineup  
    Record 7,737 Athletes Registered For The Games
    Colorado Springs, July 24----------Last summer, when between 15,000-20,000 fans gathered in downtown Colorado Springs for the first Olympic Downtown Celebration as the Olympic Games in London opened, the lighting of the Rocky Mountain State Games Flame by 1992 Olympic Figure Skating gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi and her husband, Olympic ice hockey star Bret Hedican was one of the highlights of the evening.
    On Friday night, the event will be repeated as part of the gala festivities downtown when 2012 United States National figure skating pairs champions and 2014 Olympic medal hopefuls Caydee Denney and John Coughlin will light the torch to salute the 2013 Rocky Mountain State Games as part of the Olympic Downtown Celebrationduring the evening of special entertainment and excitement.
    Note: As of this morning 7,737 athletes have registered for the Rocky Mountain State Games. That is a new Rocky Mountain State Games record, eclipsing the old record of 7,103 established in 2012. Still remaining will be day-of-event registration in several sports, and it could push the total to past 8,000 athletes.
    The Rocky Mountain State Games torch-lighting ceremony will include a mini torch run that features a number of Colorado Springs residents, celebrities, sponsors, and firefighters and first responders who were on the front lines of last summer’s Waldo Canyon fire and the recent Black Forest wildfire that touched countless lives and destroyed hundreds of homes.
    Several former Bronco greats will lead the parade of Rocky Mountain State Games athletes and Color in Motion 5K runners which takes place before the torch run, including Billy Thompson, Randy Gradishar, Ron Egloff, Larry Brunson, Wade Manning and Bronco Cheerleaders.
    The Torch Run will kick off at 6:30 p.m. when the torch arrives at Antlers Park, carried by Miles, the Official Mascot of the Denver Broncos of the NFL.
    Miles will then hand off the torch to the VIP runners, each carrying the flame about 50 meters to the stage at the intersection of Tejon Street and Colorado Avenue.
    The official torch runners, in order:
    Billy Thompson, former 13-year Bronco who was a three-time All-Pro selection and inducted into the Broncos Ring of Fame in 1987
    Jeff Greene, El Paso County Administrator
    Joe Hight, Editor of The Gazette
    Kevin Olson, King Soopers Regional Manager
    David Sered, Comcast Director of Government Affairs
    Brianna Goodwin, City of Colorado Springs Event Coordinator
    Doug Price, Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau President/CEO
    Tosha Carper, AT&T Area Regional Store Manager
    Dave Palenchar, Chairman of The Sports Corp and El Pomar COO
    Rob Quirk, KOAA5 news anchor
    A lineup of firefighters and first responders from the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires and assisted in the successful 91st Pikes Peak International Hill Climb   
    Terry Maketa, El Paso County Sheriff
    Sheriff Maketa will hand over the torch to Denney and Coughlin, who will light the Rocky Mountain State Games flame at approximately 7:15.
    It’s all free of charge for everyone and again salutes the Olympic Family in Colorado Springs, America’s Olympic City, headed by the United States Olympic Committee, US Paralympics, more than two dozen USOC National Governing Bodies, and the city where thousands of athletes have trained since 1977, chasing their Olympic or Paralympic Dreams.
    In addition to a full program of sport demonstrations, live music concerts, athlete autograph sessions, food and beverage vendors and more, beginning at 5:00 P.M., there is going to be a unique feature made possible by the contributions of local businesses and individuals.
    It’s a real Olympic-sized sand beach volleyball pit, 46x72 feet, with several teams playing demonstration matches to spotlight a sport that has become tremendously popular in the Olympic Games since it was introduced in 1992 at the Games in Barcelona.
    Tournament play demonstrations on the sand court, hosted by Sand Pits Volleyball at BooDad’s Beach House Grill, will take place starting at 5:00 and continue until late.
    ·         5:00 – 7:00 Tournament finals
    ·         7:30 – 9:00 Ranked women’s competition “Queen of the Court”
    ·         9:00 – 11:30 Tournament finals
    ·         11:30 – 1:00 Challenge competition
    ·         Community giveaway contest throughout the evening.
    The Olympic Downtown Celebration, sponsored by the U.S. Olympic Committee, AT&T, El Pomar Foundation, the Daniels Fund, the City of Colorado Springs, KOAA5, The Gazette, Colorado Springs Utilities and The Sports Corp, will feature a little bit of everything for everybody, especially kids and entire families:
    ·         A real sand beach volleyball pit and tournament
    ·         The Flying Aces ski aerialists
    ·         USA Taekwondo board breaking demonstrations
    ·         USA Tennis sport court
    ·         USA Table Tennis demonstrations
    ·         National Guard obstacle course
    ·         Gravity Play inflatable slide and trampoline with bungee chords
    ·         The Maximum Velocity BMX Riders
    ·         Sports information booths
    ·         Athlete autograph sessions
    ·         Food/beverage vendors
    ·         Firefighter and First Responder recognition events
    ·         4:30-Midnight live band concerts! Courtesy of downtown business owners Sam and Kathy Guadagnoli, the concerts will include singer Lauren Alaina from American Idol, Jon Pardi, Dakota Bradley, all with a Nashville music theme that everyone will enjoy. 
    At that point Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach will declare the 2013 Rocky Mountain State Games are officially open.
     Lauren Alaina
    The concert stage schedule: (Tejon Street Just South of Kiowa)
    4:30-5:30 Wrestling with Jimmy
    6-7 Air force Band: Wild Blue Country
    7-8 KOAA kick off of event
    8-9 Dakota Bradley (18-year-old Nashville newcomer)
    9:30-10:30 Lauren Alaina (Season 10 American Idol runner-up)
    11-12 Jon Pardi (country music singer/songwriter with Capitol Records Nashville)
    The Rocky Mountain State Games, presented by AT&T, resume Friday and kick off the biggest schedule of the 36 sports featured in this year’s 12th annual Games.
  • Configuration

    A guide to the many configurable options that can be configured in the template manager.


    Preset Style

    The template is bundled with 10 pre-made style variants that can be easily and quickly chosen from the template configuration. There is also an option for Custom which you will choose if you do not wish to use the preset styles. NOTE: The various options will not work unless you click Custom in the Preset Styles section.

    Colour Chooser Options

    If you selected Custom in the Preset Styles option, you will now have a choice of several options to customise your sites colour scheme. Therefore, you can either manually type your desired colour into the input field or select the colour from the popup.

    The names of the various selections denote the area that they apply to. Click the Custom Styles button in the toolbar to output your custom style configuration into the Custom Config output box, underneath all the params. You will use these values in the styles.php file to customise your own defaults.

    Display Frontpage Component

    This setting allows you to select whether the frontpage area (where content items are placed) is active or not. This is useful if you wish to have an entirely modular frontpage and no article-based content.

    IE6 Warning

    Warn your visitors using Internet Explorer 6 to upgrade to a more secure version with this toggle. This option activates a javascript based dropdown in IE6 at the top of the template where a description of why IE6 is a redundant browser is visible. The warning will only appear once as it is stored via a cookie.

    Font Family

    You can choose which font you would like to use for your entire website, these are all web standard fonts.

    Font Spans

    Set to Enable or Disable Font Spans. Font Spans refer to the multi-coloured effect on titles, such as module headers.

    Input Style

    Set to Enable or Disable Input Styles. This is the javascript enabled custom styling for radio icons and similar inputs such as in the Poll. You can see these icons in the params above.

    Template Width

    This template configuration option allows you to easily change the width of the template itself, simply change the number to another pixel value.

    Left Inset Width

    This template configuration option allows you to easily change the width of the left inset position, simply change the number to another pixel value.

    Right Inset Width

    This template configuration option allows you to easily change the width of the right inset position, simply change the number to another pixel value.

    Splitmenu Location

    One of the template's menu options is splitmenu which displays the first level items in the horizontal menu bar and the 2nd in a side column module. This option allows you to choose between the left column or the right column.

    Default Font

    This option allows you to choose what the font size will be, you have 3 options to choose from, these are small, default and large.

    Show Date

    Choose whether the date, in the upper left of the template appears.

    Client Side Date

    Select whether the date is server based or based on the time and date of your visitors computer.

    Show Main Logo

    Choose whether the logo area has the template logo image, or is the logo module position. If this option is set to no and there are no modules assigned to the logo area, it will collapse completely.

    Show Logo Slogan Text

    Choose whether the slogan, to the right of logo appears.

    Slogan Text

    Enter the text you wish to appear for the slogan.

    Show Copyright

    Choose whether the copyright area has the RocketTheme logo image, or is the footer module position. If this option is set to no and there are no modules assigned to the footer area, it will collapse completely.

    Show Text Size Controls

    This setting allows you to disable the text size controls in the upper right of the template.

    Show Top Button

    This setting allows you to disable the top button in the lower right of the template.

    Mootools / Javascript Compatibility

    Enable or disable js compatibility mode for better compatibility with non mootools based js libraries. Warning, setting to "true" will cause several js template features to not work properly.

    Menu Type

    SolarSentinel is bundled with 4 menu options, 3 of which are integrated menu approaches. These are splitmenu, moomenu, suckerfish and module. Splitmenu displays the 1st level menu items in the horizontal bar and the 2nd in the side column; moomenu and suckerfish display the menu items in dropdown lists with moomenu having a javascript powered approach; and the module options turns the menu bar into the toolbar module position so you can insert modules into the area (this will disable the menu however). You can also select none so the entire horizontal menu does not appear.

    Drop Down Rows per Column

    The maximum number of menu item rows per column. Applicable only to MooMenu and Suckerfish, as well as second+ menu levels.

    Drop Down Columns

    The number of columns for a dropdown. Applicable only to MooMenu and Suckerfish, as well as second+ menu levels.

    Multi-Column Level

    The menu level that is affected by the multiple column dropdown affect. Set to 0 to affect all dropdown levels or set a number greater than 0 to specify a particular level with the multiple column function. Applicable only to MooMenu and Suckerfish.

    Menu Name

    The following parameter controls which Joomla menu is loaded for the horizontal navigation bar, by default this is mainmenu but you can change it to whatever menu such as othermenu.