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Track & Field


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Sponsored By: El Pomar Military Family Assistance Fund

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Commissioners (Meet Directors): 

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  Commissioner since 2017


Competition Sites: 

St. Mary's Grace Center for Athletics (1655 Pirate Heights, Colorado Springs) (All events except pole vault, hammer & weight throw) 
U.S. Air Force Academy Outdoor Track (2168 Field House Dr., USAF, CO) (Hammer & weight throw only)
Palmer Ridge High School, 19255 Frontage Rd, Monument
 (Pole Vault)

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** Spectator admission will be charged at this competition site.  Athletes and coaches will be admitted free of charge. Click here for details.    

Competition Date: 
Saturday, July 21 (All events except hammer & weight throw) 
Sunday, July 22  (Hammer & weight throw only)


Participant Entry Fees and Deadlines:
Registration Deadline (July 18)Fee: $35 for up to three events; $10 for each additional event after three

All athletes participating in Track & Field must sign the following USATF waiver/release form before participating.  To expedite this process, download the waiver, read, sign and bring it to check in prior to competing.  Children who are under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign.  

YOUTH WAIVER (18 & Under)



(For complete step-by-step guide to registering on, please click here. Please enter your time/mark when selecting events for proper seeding.)


Military Support Program:  The Military Support Program has been created to allow active duty and retired service members, their spouses and dependents to participate in the Rocky Mountain State Games at up to a 50% discount off the normal registration fees. For Military Registration Assistance applications and more information, visit the Military Support Program webpage. 

8 & Under 50-54
9-10 55-59
11-12 60-64
13-14 65-69
15-16 70-74
17-18 75-79
19-29 80-84
30-39 85-89
40-49 90+
50 Meters (8 & under, 40+) 300 Meter Hurdles**(14+Male/Female) 
100 Meters 400 Meter Hurdles*(15+Male/Female)
200 Meters High Jump
400 Meters Long Jump
800 Meters Triple Jump (13+ only)
1500 Meters Shot Put **
1500 Meters Technical Race Walk (50+ only) Discus **
3000 Meters (11-14 only) Hammer Throw (50+ only)
5000 Meters (13+ only)  Power Walk (50+ only)
80 Meter Hurdles ** (11-12 Male/Female, 40-59 Female, 70-79 Male)  Pole Vault (13+ Only)
100 Meter Hurdles ** (13-14 Male, 13-39 Female, 50-69 Male)   Weight Throw (50+ Only)
110 Meter Hurdles ** (15-49 Male) Javelin

** Throwing Implements                                                                                                                                              


Shot Put  
Boys 12 & Under 6 lbs
Boys 13-14 4 kg
Men 15-18 12 lbs
Men 19-49 16 lbs
Men 50-59 6 kg
Men 60-69 5 kg
Men 70-79 4 kg
Men 80+ 3 kg
Girls 14 & Under 6 lbs
Women 15-49 4 kg
Women 50-74 3 kg
Women 75+ 2 kg


Boys 14 & Under 1 kg
Men 15-18 1.6 kg
Men 19-49 2 kg
Men 50-59 1.5 kg
Men 60+ 1 kg
Women 74 & Under 1 kg
Women 75+ .75 kg


Hammer (50+ Only)  
Men 50-59 6kg
Men 60-69 5kg
Men 70+ 4kg
Women 50-74 3kg
Women 75+ 2kg


Weight Throw (50+ Only)  
Men 50-59 25lb
Men 60-69 20lb
Men 70+ 16lb
Women 50-59 16lb
Women 60-74 12lb
Women 75+ 4kg


Boys & Girls 12 & Under - mini javelin 300g
Boys & Girls 13-14 600g
Men 15-49 800g
Men 50-59 700g
Men 60-69 600g
Men 70+ 400g
Women 15-49 600g
Women 50-74 500g
Women 75+ 400g

**Hurdle Heights

  80 M 100 M 110 M 300 M 400 M
30" 11-12 Female  
40-59 Female  
11-12 Male
70-79 Male                   
13-14 Female  

 14+ Female

15-75+ Female


15-39 Female
13-14 Male
60-69 Male

36"   50-59 Male    14+ Male

15-75+ Male


15-18 Male
30-49 Male

42"     19-29 Male    


Note: Age determination date is December 31, 2018, however if record attempts are being made at the Rocky Mountain State Games Track & Field meet, please confirm you are in the correct division by USATF sanctioning rules and age calculation dates.     

Competition Rules and Format: The Official Rules of USA Track and Field ( will govern competition. This is a sanctioned event of the Colorado Association of USA Track & Field.  Competition will consist of final heats. Athletes participating in field events are expected to provide their own implements and instruments and present them to the Weights & Measures Official prior to competition. For the complete implement reference sheet, click hereAthletes will be required to provide proof of age with a driver’s license, passport or birth certificate, upon request from the RMSG Commissioner.

St. Mary's Grace Center Facility Notes: Sunflower seeds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds or any other seeds are not allowed within the stadium due to the damage they cause to the Pro Grass system. This includes spectators. Parking is limited to clearly marked parking areas and overnight parking is prohibited.All of St. Mary's facilities, including Grace Center are a drug, alcohol and smoke free zone and use of any of these substances on its property is prohibited and fall subject to City of Colorado Springs, El Paso County and State of Colorado laws.

Pole Vault Details: The RMSG’s Pole Vault Competition will be contested on Saturday, July 21 at Palmer Ridge High School (19255 Monument Hill Road, Monument). Pole Vault will be run in two groups: Group 1 (start time 9am): Starting heights 1.55m (5’1") to 3.05m (10’), Group 2 (30 minutes following Group 1, approximately 10:30am): Starting heights 3.20 (10’ 6") and higher. Each Group will be composed of all ages and genders based upon starting height. Following the Group 2 competition, all of the results for each age group and gender will be combined and finalized to determine the event results for each age and gender.  Ties will not be broken. 

Hammer & Weight Throw: The RMSG Hammer & Weight Throw events will be conducted at the U.S. Air Force Academy Track located on the U.S. Air Force Academy on Sunday, July 22 For the complete implement reference sheet, click here. Questions specific to hammer & weight throw can be addressed to Tim Edwards at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or (303) 724-0606.

*The RMSG has a NO REFUND policy.  Click Here for details on eligibility, inclement weather, refunds, etc.

Competition Schedule: Detailed competition schedule of events will be posted closer to the event. Competition schedule is tentative and may change based on final registrations. 
St. Mary's Grace Center: 8:00 a.m. - Start time - Rolling Schedule (ALL EVENTS EXCEPT POLE VAULT, HAMMER & WEIGHT THROW)
Palmer Ridge High School: 9:00 a.m. - Start time  (POLE VAULT ONLY)
Sunday, July 22 
U.S. Air Force Academy Track: 9:30 a.m. - Start time (HAMMER & WEIGHT THROW ONLY)