Map Halfway Picnic Grounds

Map Halfway Picnic Grounds


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Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb

Halfway Picnic Grounds

Rest Area

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Halfway Picnic Grounds is approximately 2.2 miles/4 km from the Start Line.  This is the first Rest Area of the race/ride.  If you are a Gran Fondo rider that is finishing at Halfway Picnic Grounds, this is your stopping point.  If this is the end or your ride, you will have access to your gear bag, if you sent one up prior to starting.  Your gear bag MUST be labeled with your cooresponding race number. Gear bags will be transported back down to the Festival and Awards Area, once all the Halfway Picnic Grounds Gran Fondo riders have completed their ride, or you can choose to take your gear bag with you when you head downhill.

You will have time to relax before making the ride back down to the Festival and Awards Area.  Be sure to ride downhill on the right-hand side of the highway.  There may be riders coming uphill so watch your speed and don't overheat your brakes.  There will also be event vehicles on the road.  The Pikes Peak Highway will open at 9:00 am to tourist traffic, so be careful.

Hydration Station, Snack Station - Technical Support provided by TBD   

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